8 Reasons To Have A Sarcastic Best Friend

By Anuradha.

Best friends play an important role in all our lives. They can ruin your moods and also fix it. They will always be there for you whenever you need and that is why it says ‘friends in need are friends indeed!’ However, some of the funniest and the best people around you might use sarcasm as a central plant of their sense of humor.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. They would use sarcasm to add more color to your conversations and to make hard situations much easier. So, here are 8 reasons why everyone needs a sarcastic best friend.

#1. They won’t sugar-coat things.

Sarcastic people would not use sugary and flowery language when dealing with their best friends. They will never be afraid to give you a verbal slap when you are acting like a fool and even though it can be a bit harsh to deal with them, you can be happy that they are acting trustworthy. That will be better for you in the long run too!

#2. They will never get offended.

In the same way, as they are ready to give harsh responses they will also be open to receive harsh and rude words from you. You need not be afraid when you need to say something directly to them and this would make your life much easier too.

#3. They make you think outside the box.

Sarcastic best friends will always help you to cross your insecurities and will push you to think outside the box. Their sarcastic humor will soften the wounds in your heart and once you cross those hard limits you will realize how great it is to have them in your life.

#4. They’ve always got your back.

You would have had so many friends in your life who backstabbed you. They would smile to your face but once you are gone, they would so numerous stories about you. but, sarcastic best friends would be different from this. Even though they would not pamper you in the face, they will always hold your back. They will stick by you through thick and thin and will never make you disappointed. 

#5. They make a great wing-man/woman.

Sarcastic best friends will always help you to change your moods and will make a boring day into a great one. They will also drive the not so great people away from you with their sharp words and you will always be happy with them.

#6. They never filter themselves.

You might think that it is not really good to have no filter in life. But, if your best friend is a sarcastic one, then having no filter will not be a problem for you. because of their sarcasm all narcissists, abusers, and manipulators will go away and therefore, having no filter will not be an issue anymore.

#7. They aren’t afraid of offending you.

Even though your best friend can be sarcastic they will know what your limits are. They will not push the hell out of those buttons and therefore, they will not try to go over those limits. But if they did, you just have to get over that.

#8. They can shut off the sarcasm when they need to.

Even though they are born to be sarcastic, they will not be sarcastic to you when you are having a rough patch. At such times, they will try to understand you and will help you to get through your rough time. they will protect you and will guide you to get through your tragedy.

So, if you have a sarcastic friend with you then never let them go away and always be happy that you have such a friend with you!