21 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Will Ever See

By: Santo

Most of us think the best photographs are the ones that are well planned and set in perfect locations. Obviously, they can be, but have heard of perfect random? Sometimes it is the unplanned and the unexpected shot that becomes the best and all you need is perfect timing.

Look at these photos which have been captured at the perfect time making. Most of them will surely give you a good time laughing.

#1. “I am the lion king, but today I am a bit sleepy.” (reddit)

#2. Looks like an owl with teeth. (imgur)

#3. Seems like everybody is inspired by Thor. (reddit)

#4. “How do I look?” (Vladimir Levin)

#5. Oh look an alien is swimming!

#6. This is what happens when you copy your dog! You end up getting a dog face. (buzzinspired.com)

#7. We ride with class. (reddit)

#8. Even whales need a break! (Jeremie Bergerioux)

#9. Oh! They must be siblings, they have the same eyes. (Tom Baum)

#10. Hope he knows what’s beneath him! (reddit)

#11. He’s unaware of the tsunami that’s going to splash him. (reddit)

#12. Who’s going to catch her? Is it the bird or the father? (reddit)

#13. Caught red-handed. (imgur)

#14. His tail part will be really disappointed once it reaches the head!

#15. “Take my life” look. (imgur)

#16. He seems to be inhaling the fire! (imgur)

#17. Morning jogging be like. (troyANDabed)

#18. He looks like he wants to come out of the wrapped polythene. (reddit)

#19. When gravity forgets to enter the shot! (reddit)

#20. “Love is not in the air it’s in our tails”.

#21. Oh mermen are for real! But he’s wearing a short. (Nick Kelly)