5 Reasons Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

By: Anuradha

“Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone else” – Crystal Woods  

Blunt are the ones who are direct and “uncompromisingly forthright” in their ways and means. In all our friend groups, there is a one who is blunt and he/she must surely be the one who gives the tough love to you. sometimes, you might not have really liked how they react to certain situations, but we can assure you that blunt people are the ones who are really faithful to you and wish for your wellbeing. So, here are 5 reasons why blunt people make the best friends!

1. They tell it like it is.

Blunt people always so everything as it is even if that is hard and tough. William B. Bradshaw, Ph.D. says that blunt people tell things “it is as it is so people can deal with the very root of the situation”. This doesn’t mean that they are deliberately trying to be rough and rude.

They only need you to deal with the truth. You will know exactly what you are getting at which means there will be less uncertainty in the friendship. So, when your blunt friend tells you something, it can always be the truth and if you can digest that, then you will surely avoid certain issues.

2. You will always know that they want to be your friend.

Something really special about blunt people is that they don’t intentionally lie to be with someone or try fake talk to win their heart. These people are so straight in their ways and means and if they find something unpleasant in your character, they will tell that directly and move away. So, if they say that they like to be with you, then they really mean it. You need not doubt their honesty as these people don’t tolerate dramas and they will always be honest with everyone.  

3. They push you to be better.

In our normal friendships, most of the times we don’t point out our friend’s errors just because they would be hurt or they wouldn’t like it. We are conscious only about the longevity of our friendship and not about our friend’s personal wellbeing. Sometimes, even when we have the possibility we chose to remain silent as we don’t think their success does have anything to do with us. But, blunt people are not like this. They will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to improve and you will know that they really meant it.

Lifestyle and business expert Charles Johnson said that “When you surround yourself with friends like this, your life will completely change. You become more positive driven and focused on your priorities”

4. They are not afraid to apologize.

Most of the times, none of us like to apologize in our friendships. We think it to be a shame. Even when we know that we did a mistake, we will not be humble enough to say ‘sorry’ and this is not something good at all. But, blunt people are not like this. They are completely okay in apologizing and in fact, it is a lot easy for them. This is because they believe that if they can point out other’s errors, they should also admit theirs’. So, it is a lot easy to live with them and that is why blunt people make best friends.

5. They won’t let you get harmed.

A blunt person will be the first one in your corner when you need it. They will do anything to protect their friend’s and they will never be afraid to defend what is right. You may have come across with several people who talk behind your back. But, these people are an exception and they will always try their best to stand for you. They are not afraid to fight for their loved ones and that is why they are special and unique as great friends.