Sweet Pit Bull Invites Pregnant Stray Cat Into His House To Have Her Babies

By. Supuni

Hades is a pit bull and despite his appearance, he is a very sweet and kindhearted doggo. People often misunderstand him because of his tough appearance. But this dog has proven to us that what actually matters is our heart and not our appearance. Juan is Hade’s generous and caring human owner. He sometimes leaves food outside for a stray cat that roams around in their neighborhood. This human wanted to ensure that the cat was never hungry.

Hades observed his owner’s actions and decided to follow in his footsteps. This doggo surprised Juan with a selfless gesture of his own. One fine day Juan heard a knock on his back door- where Hades likes to spend time. Even though Juan thought it to be a human, it was none other than Hades knocking on the door. Since the dog was desperate and making quite the racket, it seemed as if though Hades wanted to say something important.

When Juan stepped outside to see what this was all about, he was surprised. Hades had invited the neighborhood stray cat to stay in his doghouse. Furthermore, they discovered that she was pregnant and needed a safe place to give birth to her kittens. Hades is undoubtedly a thoughtful and caring doggo. He didn’t just stop there either. When the cat went into labor, Hades stayed by her side.

The doggo dragged his blanket near his doghouse entrance and settled near the door, making the cat feel protected. The feline gave birth to two adorable kittens and settled comfortably in the doghouse. Hades, who felt like a father figure, joined in on all the excitement. Juan then took the mother and the babies inside his house to keep an eye on them. The stray cat was named Nicol and is now best friends with Hades.

The two friends have been spending a lot of time together when Nicol isn’t busy attending to her babies. Hades feels fulfilled knowing that the cat family is safe and close to him. Even though the kittens have to find a new home, Nicol will have a home with Hades and Juan. Juan hopes that this story will change the misconceptions about pit bulls and prove that they are good dogs. He shared his story so that more people would be encouraged to adopt pit bulls. As humans, we have much to learn from this selfless doggo.

Image Credit & More Info; dentistajuanjose/instagram | facebook