Big Dog Carries Little Dog On His Back Everywhere They Go

By. Ran

The animal world has many stories that people adore when they get to know them. We as humans can sometimes learn things from them.

This story of the friendship/Brotherhood between Blizzard and Lulu is something we would love to see even in our lives. One day, Lulu met her older brother Blizzard and she instantly knew that she could consider him as her protective older brother. And the rest is history!

She follows him everywhere for safety and “She started sleeping on his back for warmth and comfort.”

Pretty soon, St. Bernard became her guard dog and the vehicle that drove her around!

They do everything together.

They go sightseeing…

They go on hikes…

And, on lazy afternoons, they watch tv together.

And no matter where they go or what they do, Lulu is always on him.

“He doesn’t seem to mind at all.”Actually, he even stops so that Lulu can climb onto his shoulders.

You can see more of their cuteness on their Instagram account.

Image Credit & More Info; blizzardandlulu/instagram