19 Pictures Showing How Time Changes — But Love Doesn’t

By: Anuradha

One of the best feelings in the world is to love and to be loved by the ones that we love. When we feel that we are always admired and valued for our real personality, we feel satisfied with our selves and it motivates us to do more good things in life. When it comes to love, all our first notes about love and our first bonds are made with our family. They are the ones who teach us what it is to be loved and appreciated.

When you turn the pages of a photo album, you would be fascinated by the stored memory and at the end of the album, you might even be in tears. Science says, whenever we see something, a series of messages move through our body and these senses trigger a process that is registered somewhere in our DNA. That is why when you recollect those golden old bits, you feel much moved and affected.

We found some people who were really moved by their past moments and who tried to recreate their past. These pictures seem absolutely stunning and there is no wonder if you fall in love with them! so, scroll down and let us know about your thoughts too!

#1. Got hitched on their first dates when they were teenagers and nothing changes even after 20 years and 2 kids. (twilling8)

#2. Their love for each other is as timeless as their love for cake. (maxxhock)

#3. The merry-go-round kind of love. (LeviSnuts)

#4. The bond between a father and a daughter is forever. (dawsonalliah)

#5. A 10-year difference. (Gordondel)

#6. Boys will always be boys. (TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson)

#7. Upside down love. (TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson)

#8. Brothers. (TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson)

#9. Superhero costumes. (TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson)

#10. A father and son posing together after 60 years. (Magicmoonlight007)

#11. The absolute reaction of memorable moments. (source/pinterest)

#12. Friends are forever. (Source/Pinterest)

#13. Once a foodie, always a foodie. (whimsicalfloozy)

#14. 23 years later. (tidder_bus)

#15. Games will always be fun even after 33 years! (BigCarl)

#16. Birthday party. (aaronisarun)

#17. Pajama love. (TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson)

#18. The years may go by, but the family always sticks together. (VideosdoDia)

#19. Roads are never complete without friends. (RUSirius7)