Frozen Lake Michigan Shatters Into Millions Of Pieces And Results In Surreal Imagery

By: Anuradha

Lake Michigan is known all over the world for its dazzling beauty. Being one of the largest and prettiest natural lakes in the world, it has won the love of thousands of nature lovers and many people include the lake as a ‘must-visit’ place in their travel goals. This is the only lake located entirely within the United States from five Great Lakes and the second biggest of the Lakes.    

However, because of the polar vortex, the lake is frozen in most part of the winter and this extremely low temperature is commonly observed in the area. In Chicago, Illinois, the temperature reaches -30C (-23F) during the peak of the cold season and you can observe hills forming from the waves crashing over existing ice piles.

Yet, with the upcoming spring, the region has become warmer resulting in destroying the ice and transforming the region to a magical wonderland. The moving water underneath the deep ice layers has pushed the ice sheets to the surface, shattering them into thousands of pieces and the sight is just amazing! Many people were attracted by the sight and US Coast Guard has warned that the ice should only be viewed from far and it would not be safe to walk on the ice surface.

Image credits: Gunner’s Pixs

Image credits: Greg VandeLeest

US Coast Guard BMC Grant Heffner told MLive that “No ice is safe ice especially this time of the year. The ice is certainly deteriorating and breaking up”.

Image credits: Gunner’s Pixs

Image credits: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

This was not the first time the lake showed this beautiful phenomenon and over the years many ardent photographers have captured all its changes.

Image credits: Konstantin Papushin

Image credits: Gunner’s Pixs

Image credits: Kate Ter Haar

Hope you would be fascinated by this mesmerizing sight. There is no doubt that these pictures will give you another reason to love Mother Nature more and more!