Picture That Says 1000 Words About The Sad Reality of Modern World

By: Anuradha

We are living in a ‘modern’ world. Yeah, the technology is advanced, we have comfortable transportation and communication facilities and one can say we live in a modern and a developed world. But, do you think the world is beautiful anymore? Do you enjoy the life that you are having or do you think there is some quality in your life?

Well, if you think deeply, you might say ‘no’ because that is the answer. We see so many people walking down the street looking at the smart devices in their hands and these people send ‘happy’ emojis to their friends and they seem really cool and gay. But they don’t have time to smile to a passerby and they never notice the beautiful scenery besides them. their lives have been digitalized and all of these people are lost in a labyrinth where they have become aliens ‘love’, ‘life’ and ‘joy’,

We see ‘modern’ people chasing after money but something that most of us don’t realize is that those tiny papers cannot make us happy. Surely, it will help you to make a comfortable world for you but I am certain that it will not buy happiness for you. We purposely put ourselves in an illusion and try to justify the actions that we do. But dear friends there will surely come a situation where you have to face the truth.

Okay, you need not to go far. Think about the situation at your home. Do you have time to be with your family members and get to know what is happening in their lives? How many times have you gone out to your garden and try to water a plant that is about to die? We share posts on Facebook asking people not to cut trees or save plants. But, why can’t you make begin the change at your home itself?

We have made our lives so complicated. We try to live according to what society expects us to be and never enjoy the short time that we have. So, create a change within you and you will see many things get changed accordingly. This video below will surely be a food for your thoughts and we are waiting to see that change within you!

Video Source: Creative Creek