11 Manipulation Methods Narcissists Use To Get Inside Your Head!

By: Anuradha

Among all the people around us, we should pay more attention to toxic people because they are influential and they can affect our lives in different ways. They always try their best to get what they want and we need to be aware of them because they can use you to fulfill their intentions. They are so taken by themselves and they will use all the malicious tricks to get your support.

So, here are 11 manipulative methods narcissists use against you. Watch out for these qualities in the people around you and you will be able to stay away from them.

1. Devaluing.

These people will first admire you and will always appreciate you telling you are the best. But once you start believing them and keep your faith on them, they will only see your mistakes. They will criticize the qualities that they once admired and you will feel only broken and spent.

2. Triangulation.

Another vicious trick used by the narcissist to hurt your feelings is bringing in a third person. This third person will be a true admirer of the narcissist and you will feel being ignored and strange in their company. A narcissist will use this third party as a weapon against your uncertainties and you will start to doubt your own senses.

3. Aggression.

It has been found out by researchers that narcissists are not in control of themselves when they feel angry and they try to use verbal abusive forms to control their victim. According to National Domestic Violence Hotline, these are traits of a psychological abuser:

  • Threatening you, intimidating you and making you feel scared and controlling your access to friends to family.

4. Playing victim.

These people know the inside out of their victim and they know the perfect moment to bring that up. They know all the insecurities, all the disturbing memories and all the other fears of their victim and that is why it is hard to get yourself away from their tricks.

So, they will hurt you in the first place and then justify themselves telling ‘they didn’t mean it’ and be the victim.

5. Shaming.

They will use your secrets and your most deep secrets against you at the right moment to make you ashamed in front of others. They will use you and manipulate you and you will also try to depend on them with the fear that he/she will let out your things.

6. Gaslighting.

Gaslighting is one vicious trick used by them to make you feel insane and doubt your sanity. When you complain them for something that they did, they will always reply you by saying that you are imagining things and at the end of that even you will begin to think whether you actually imagine things or not. You will doubt your conscience and that is one main tactic used by them to keep you under their control.

7. Brainwashing.

These people make you do the things that you don’t want to do and you will end up doing those things just to please them. They have brainwashed you to think that you need to do everything that they ask you to do and as you are in the constant fear that they will be hostile to you, you will do everything they ask as a puppet.

8. Behaving inappropriately.

They will always laugh at you even if there is nothing to laugh at and you will feel like a coward in front of others. They will not stop at anything and will always enjoy a lot by making you feel uncomfortable. They will laugh at the things that you feel the most and you will be left alone feeling hurt and numb.

9. Monopolizing conversation.

If you have ever come across with a narcissist, you will know how manipulative they can be. It is very difficult to have a normal conversation with these people as they tend to change the topics always to themselves and they will cut you off as your opinion does not matter at all.

10. Name calling.

According to the way that narcissist thinks, there can be no any superior being other than them and they will never give a chance to anyone else to rise above them. Name calling is one of the lowest means that they indulge to break your pride and make you feel inferior. They will blame you and criticize you and will use all the ways possible to make you feel down.

11. Projection.

Projection is one of the most common tactics used by them to control others. They are using the ‘blame shifting game’ to put the blame on others even for their faults and they never try to accept their faults. They don’t like to take responsibility for their actions and that’s why they try to put the blame on others.

So, at the end of the day, they will win and you will lose and that’s why we ask you to be watchful for these tricks used by them!