Photographer Matched The Museum Visitors To Artworks

By. Anuradha

Photography is a different art. Just because a person has a camera, he cannot be a photographer and even though many successfully capture a lot of things, those photographs can hardly be compared to the ones photographers take in terms of their quality. The angle of the photo, color combination, lighting, and many other factors influence the best shot, and most of the pictures that we see on the internet are simply the works of hours.

However, the secret behind most of the best pictures is patience and creativity. This latest shoot of the France-based photographer Stefan Draschan will show what patience and creativity can do!

You all would have gone to famous art galleries all around the world and might have been amazed by those artistic skills. Stefan was also a fan of paintings and he got this wonderful idea to create a photoshoot under the idea “People matching famous paintings”. He intended to capture random paint lovers who show some sort of resemblance to the paintings in front of them. The idea turned out to be quite exciting and even though the final shots look as if they were staged, we can assure you that they are only the result of hours of patience.

Most of the time, it is people’s outfits that match the paintings but there are also occasions where their hair, colors, and sometimes even the beards have matched with the pictures. So, scroll down to see this funny and wonderful collection and beware, sometimes Stefan might be out there hunting for you as well!

Image Credit & More Info:

#1. The waves.

#2. A glimpse from the sea.

#3. They both go to the same gym!

#4. The frame or the braids?

#5. Light vs dark.

#6. Three colors in one person.

#7. A Bohemian dress.

#8. Look at the pattern.

#9. The transition.

#10. Is she a part of the painting?

#11. Sneak in.

#12. The garden.

#13. Painting to the fullest.

#14. They are having a meeting.

#15. Perfection.

#16. The brightness.

#17. Stairs.

#18. Watchers.

#19. Halloween vibes.

#20. The hair.

#21. Colors.