Meet The ‘Chimera’ Kitten, A Cute ‘Accident’ Of Nature

By. Ran

We accidently stumbled upon the cutest accident that happened in nature in the recent past! And we cannot get enough of this!

Meet Quimera, a gorgeous kitten from Argentina whose unusual features are taking the internet by storm.

She is unique in the cutest way possible. Actually, she has a condition which is a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. But together, they create a single organism with two different forms of DNA. Those who have this condition are known as chimeras.

Image Credit & More Info: Instagram

However, this may not be the sole reason for the kitty’s adorable looks. It is suggested that the kitty’s look may be due to a mosaic. Mosaic is much more common in felines. Here, one individual egg just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells.

Either way, she is truly gorgeous. Her blue eye which looks like a precious blue stone is a bright and stark contrast to her other eye. The color split is not limited to her face; it continues down her chest to her front legs. And interestingly, the sides are reversed as the color split goes down her body!
And the cat is taking the internet by storm!

She is quite the star on Instagram. People are falling in love with the kitty over and over again. It is her human mama who is taking care of her Instagram account. Quimera has quite a fan base on Instagram, with over 90,000. The human mommy makes sure that the account is regularly updated so that all her fans from all around the globe know what is going in in the life of their beloved chimera kitty!

No questions asked this is the cutest cat I have ever seen!