Photographer Captured The Beauty Of This Unique Orange And Black ‘Fire-Fox’

By. Thilini

Photographer Sam Gaby was able to do something amazing over the last two months. In Newfoundland, he was able to befriend a unique orange and black fox.

Image Credit & More Info: Sam

#1. This amazing relationship the duo has built allowed the lucky photographer to capture something as unique as the animal itself on his camera lens.

#2. Those who live in northern North America are no strangers to cross foxes as they are abundant in the area.

#3. They have amazing fur coats with dark stipes that run down their back across their shoulders. The contrast of the dark and orange is something extraordinary.

#4. About 30% of the Canadian red fox population is made up of them, and yet, they are still a special sight to behold.

#5. “Our first encounter was calculated, I was focused on how to not disturb this wild animal, but at the same time, I was trying to assure him that I was not a threat.”

#6. Here is a video of the fire fox in Canada.

#7. Gaby put in a lot of effort to gain the animal’s trust.

#8. Fortunately, he didn’t give up and after repeated visits, the fox gradually learnt to be comfortable around the photographer and his camera.

#9. After the first two years, Gaby returned several times to check up on his friend.

#10. That is when he learnt about the siblings of this fox. They are also depicted in Gaby’s photographs.

#11. “I am impressed with his beauty but also his level of intelligence.”

#12. “I’ve witnessed him hunting, hiding and retrieving food stores, and interacting with other foxes. He was extremely playful, especially with his sibling, I gave them both names; Mat and Pat.”

So what do you think of this unique looking fox?