Adorable Moment Baby Monkey Plays With His Tiger Cub Best Friend

By. Thilini

We have so many species from the animal kingdom come together to form amazing friendships. But this seems to be one we have never seen before. Brace yourself to be bombarded by an overwhelming load of baby monkey-tiger cub friendship!

The four-month-old baby monkey was seen piggybacking on the three-month old lion cub!

The pair has a pretty special relationship as the two of them have been growing up together after the mommy tiger rejected the cub.

The footage of the video went viral quickly and we are not at all surprised that it did.

“They like to spend time together. We would let them play together sometimes.”

‘At first, the monkey was afraid of the tiger. But they quickly became familiar with each other and are now best friends,’ she added.

In the video that went viral, the cute monkey baby is seen wearing a diaper and piggybacking on the tiger cub around the enclosure.