Panther Abandoned By Its Mother Grows Up With A Human And Rottweiler

By. Mahesh

Meet Luna, a delightful panther born in a zoo. Sadly, her mother refused to give her the necessary milk and of course, she did not care for her. Her chances of survival were bleak till a wonderful woman came to the rescue and got into it.

She had experience in raising huge cats like Luna and wanted to help her with all the vitamins that she needed so severely by taking care of her. Luna was refused to be cared for by her birth mother Luna.

Image Credit & More Info:  luna_the_pantera | Luna_the_pantera/youtube

#1. Luna is an adorable, cute panther who was born in Siberia.

#2. The reason is unknown, but her mother had refused to give her the necessary protection and care.

#3. Her mother had even refused to give her the much-needed milk.

#4. Luna’s chances for survival have been very slim.

#5. But she is very lucky.

#6. Hopefully, a woman came forward to rescue her.

#7. This woman is said to have some experience with raising big cats.

#8. She decided to take care of Luna.

#9. The woman took care of Luna feeding her a diet filled with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients she needed as a baby panther.

#10. She was very fond of this adorable panther.

#11. In fact, she grew attached to Luna.

#12. And she decided to buy her from the zoo.

#13. She knew that she could give Luna the life she deserves.

#14. The zoo management agreed to this woman’s offer.

#15. Now she finally can take of Luna for the rest of Luna’s life.

#16. Luna soon became a part of the family.

#17. Luna met the woman’s dog.

#18. The dog is called Venza and was introduced to Luna.

#19. The woman made sure that got along with each other.

#20. It wasn’t hard. None of the animals were being hostile.

#21. After the process of introducing them to each other, they became friends.

#22. The woman says that they are inseparable now.

#23. Luna and Venza are said to be running around, playing, and exploring the surroundings together.

#24. They are so adorable together.

#25. Although there are certain issues related to the future of Luna.

#26. Since she is domesticated now, where she will have a mate after she becomes, an adult is a problem.

#27. But right now, her owner is not planning on releasing her to the wild yet.

#28. Luna’s owner always tries to keep her happy.

#29. Luna has her own social media accounts on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

#30. Her owner loves Luna and they often have fun together. You can witness them on her social media accounts.

#31. Please note that this woman who took Luna to look after her knows exactly what she’s doing. Because she has a ton of experience with animals like Luna.

#32. Therefore, before you adopt an animal, make sure that you know every single thing about the animal including its needs and wants and whether taking care of it is affordable.

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