Only Unhappy People Are Mean To Others

By. Anuradha

We all wish to make our lives much successful. We wake up with the hope of having an effective day but our motivation only will not be enough to make our day a successful one. The people around us also have a huge impact on our success and that is why it is important to surround ourselves with happy people.

Unhappy people will never let you flourish and make your day a beautiful one because they do not have a happy day in the first place. These are the people whose self-esteem is crushed and they hardly find joy in anything. They cannot appreciate things or value things for their beauty because their minds are filled with negativity and passivity. Even when they see successful and happy people, they do not feel inspired because their minds are filled with hatred and jealousy. Instead of being inspired, they find facts to insult these happy people and they find faults in their character. Unhappy people try to console themselves by thinking all that these other people are doing is not worthy enough and they bring other people down to make themselves feel better. 

These people are wounded and hurt for numerous things. Their soul has ripped apart and now they cannot enjoy things because they are suffering from their wounds. Their past is haunted and they try to give others a hard time because they do not have any other way to take revenge.

You would see these people having no control over their emotions. They are so impulsive and lose their temper very often. The unresolved trauma from their past is constantly nagging them and because of that they cannot make peace with their past and move forward. They will always try to steal other people’s happiness as happiness is something alien to them and therefore, you should try your best to stay away from these kind of people.

Even when you have to deal with them, keep in mind that they have a traumatic past and do not let their emotions overcome your happiness. You need not try to make them feel better as it would be truly hard to do so, but you can stop being affected by their emotions and that would help you to have control over yourself.