Clever Hummingbird Builds A Home With A Roof For Her Family

By. Ran

Birds are amazing architects. They build the coziest homes so that their offspring can stay in comfortably until they are ready to soar through the winds. And this mom-to-be found a rather ingenious way of making her place even cozier.

Image Credit And More Info: Bianca Caroline Soares

#1. Conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares is no stranger to seeing hummingbird nests in the jungle near her home in Paraguay. But on a walk last spring, she saw something that instantly attracted her attention.

#2. “I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious,” Soares told.

#3. Thanks to the shade provided by the leafy roof, it was the nicest home around. Soares continued to go see the cozy little room even afterward. “She had two hummingbird babies,” Soares said.

#4. On hot days, the roof was undoubtedly a blessing. Soares said that she liked the mommy bird’s clever idea.

The mother’s thoughtfulness came in handy when it was sunny. The babies clearly benefited from the thoughtfulness of their mommy. In time, they all grew strong enough to go out on their own, and they had already had their first lesson in homebuilding. Their mother taught them that when it comes to building their own nests, it is all about location, location, and again location.