Old Dog Still Loves To Snuggle With Her Stuffed Banana Toy

By. Neluka

The term “domestic dog” refers to any of the several hundred breeds of dogs in the world today. Domestic dogs are mostly kept as pets, though many breeds are capable of surviving on their own and are independent. But without a doubt, they made the best friends with many humans and other animals.

Let us meet Tessa, the terrier mix who is just 20+ years old and is famous for snuggling her very own plush banana as a form of good care and protection towards its favorite toy. This toy was a replacement for her old favorite toy that was eaten by another foster dog, five years back apparently.

Tessa’s owner, Lauren stated,

“I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store but I knew it was the size of toys she likes. She immediately took to the banana the moment I gave it to her.”

Also, Tessa loves showing her toy off to all her visitors, and as a fact, she won’t give up until she has things her way.
Finally, to add in a sense of humor, Tessa is old and deaf now so every time someone comes over, they need to yell at her saying ‘I like your banana, Tessa!’ to keep her intrigued.

Image Credit & More Info; shannaloren/instagram