Buried In Snow, This Man Films A Mountain Rescue Dog Saving Him

By: Anuradha

Sometimes, one of our careless decisions can cause a huge tragedy. You might have thought of taking a walk, in mountains and suddenly by a slip of your foot, might roll down and would be buried in snow. At such moments, if you do not get the required assistance, your death is unavoidable and that is why this story of a Mountain Rescue dog becomes important.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” has recently uploaded a video of such an instance, where a man was rescued from a dog. Dogs have always been man’s friends and going beyond that description of being friends, now they have also become life survivors. We all know that dogs can smell things well. these dogs at the Rescue Center is trained to find people when they are trapped in snow and they seem to be quite good in the job too.

Scroll down to see the full story and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. Having this sort of an assistant at a time of needy can hardly be expressed by words and it would be a wonder if this story does not melt you into tears!

Image credits: SARDAEngland

#1. There is a volunteer-based organization to help when people are lost in a remote wilderness.

#2. Rescue dogs are regularly trained to search for people who are buried in the snow.

#3. During such a training drill, a volunteer armed with a camera buried himself in the snow.

#4. After a short while, a dog burst through the snow barriers to save him.

#5. The dog broke down the snow wall with her body.

#6. She came bravely to save the man.

#7. She will help the ones who are in need, with the same dedication every day.

#8. Her name is Flo who is specialized in melting people’s hearts.

You can watch the entire video here: