Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle

By: Anuradha

Photography is a beautiful modern art. We see good photographers giving life to many silent stories and a good photograph can speak to the deepest point in your heart. We say that photographs capture moments but they don’t only capture those stagnant time, they make some moments in your life more valuable and that is why many people are fond of this art.

Russian photographer Ivan Kislov is such a person who was madly in love with this art and he found solace of his life through photography. He lives in the north-eastern port city of Madagan and he works in Chukotka as a mining engineer. When he gets some break after long shifts, he looks to photography for “relaxation from routine”. He likes to go on “hikes to inaccessible places, rafting” or just simple walking tours to “observe the wildlife”.

In those long visits, he has captured breath-taking pictures of many wild animals and it ranges from birds and raindeers to wolves and stoats. He was particularly interested in foxes and he says that “foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses”.

He has taken some beautiful pictures of foxes and this collection would be such a gift for anyone who loves foxes and wildlife in general. When looking at these pictures, you would probably think that Ivan should give up his job and become a full-time photographer because he seems to be quite talented and skilled in this art.

Foxes are some kind of animal that lives only in particular areas and you would love to see each of these pictures as they are more than just beautiful.  So, scroll down and look at the true beauty of mother nature. I am sure that you would love each of them!

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