Man Turned His Farm Into An Animal Shelter That Has Dogs, Cats, Horses, Seagulls, And Others

By. Supuni

Helping stray animals and providing them with a home is one of the noblest things a person could do. This person from Turkey has managed to change the lives of so many strays with his kindness. Mert Akkök is an individual who started a private shelter for animals on his farm near Istanbul. His shelter warmly welcomes strays that need extra love and care.

The out of the ordinary animal sanctuary consists of dogs, cats, donkeys, seagulls, and geese as well. Mert’s daily routine is focused on taking care of all the animals in the shelter, doesn’t matter whether they are sick, disabled, or just homeless. He ensures that his animals receive the extra love that they deserve and all of them live together like one big happy family.

Mert was born a compassionate and animal-loving person. He can’t stop himself from helping homeless animals. The animals are more than welcome to stay with Mert forever if they don’t get re-adopted. He considers the strays as his own children and only gives them to decent people that might take good care of them.

Besides managing the animal shelter, Mert is a small business owner and manages his company, a consultancy company for international marketing of healthcare services. He is a busy person, but whenever he has free time on his hands he is out there helping out homeless animals, especially dogs that live in junkyards and forests. Mert used to live in the city but decided to move to the village and settle down in a farmhouse because he wanted more space for the dogs he adopted and also because he wanted to adopt more dogs.

He has full-time employees working for him at the farm. They take care of the animals and the household. However, Mert does not get donations or voluntary help from anyone. Since he is economically well off, he can handle himself and the cost of attending to the needs of his animal friends. We have so much to learn from this animal-loving real-life hero.

Image Credit & More Info; mertakkoek/instagram