Abandoned Cat Finds A Forever Home And Becomes An Instagram Model With Its Cute Outfits 

By. Supuni

Benson is an adorable cat who was rescued and adopted from the streets themselves. His intriguing personality and glamorous outfits have transformed him into an internet sensation. This lucky cat has an entire wardrobe filled with seasonal and exclusive clothes that match every background he’s placed in. His pictures are sure to keep you entertained.

Benson’s owners discovered him in Dubai a few years ago, when he was roaming in the streets. His old family had moved away leaving him behind, so they decided to adopt the cat and bring him to the USA. This fashionista loves his human dad as well as tuna. Benson is described as a calm and patient cat. One look at his pictures is sure to make you realize that this cat knows how to pose like a pro.

#1. I was born to be a Samurai.

#2. Now, aren’t I a good-looking grandma?

#3. Chef mode on.

#4. I’m not Darth Vader, I’m Darth Meowder.

#5. Now, what could be better than getting your fortune told by a cat?

#6. I’m quite the artist you see.

#7. Feeling under the weather, so thought of consulting a doctor.

#8. I’m ready for a vacation. How about you?

#9. Meow and welcome to Starbucks.

#10. Trying to be cool.

#11. Party mode on.

#12. No wonder this glamorous cat won The Cat of the Month Award.

#13. A good book along with a warm cup of coffee. What more could I ask for?

#14. Don’t I look like a movie star?

#15. A gentleman from the 18th century perhaps.

#16. Who needs Batman when you’ve got Catman?

#17. This cat was born to be a model.

#18. Happy Meowween!

#19. One look at me and you women will fall heads over heels in love with me.

#20. Who said you can’t look perfect?

#21. The cooler version of Superman.

#22. Got a vintage look going on there.

#23. Please get my good side human.

#24. Hey you, wassup?

#25. Now, this is what I call living the good life.

#26. Got a tropical vibe going on here.

#27. Ready for bed?

#28. They said girls nowadays are attracted to the sporty type.

#29. The don’t you dare mess with me kinda look.

#30. This cat is all about the good vibes.

Image Credit &More Info; a_street_cat_named_benson/instagram