It’s Only A Real And Genuine Man Who Can Love A Broken Woman

By. Anuradha

She has been broken and torn into many pieces not one time but several times. Her heart is so tender and soft so that she has been shaken even by a rough word. She is a person ready to love and to be loved but her past has been telling her to avoid everything and live in her little world. yet, despite all those things, if she chose to love you, then you must be truly special to her.

She is someone who believes in love. Love is not just another word for her. She will not let each and everyone to enter into her life and she has mostly been beaten by it. Love has always been both sacred and frightening for her and she has been entangled by its charm.

So, if she chooses to be with you, treat her in the way she deserves. It must have been too much hard for her to take that decision but she has bravely decided to be with you. so, love her for who she is. She is a gentle and caring person and dives deep into her to understand all these things. She is so fragile but all her looks and words will tell you how much she yearns to be in your arms. So, love her for that sweet personality. Love her for trusting and for keeping her faith in you. she might have had so many reasons to walk away, but she chose to stay as she wanted you. love her for all that she is and don’t give her another reason to lose her faith in love.

She will never hurt you nor abandon you. she has been hurt many times and so she knows how to cherish someone’s love. She will try to hide her broken past as she does not want you to pity her. She needed to be loved and appreciated and not to be sympathized or pitied.

So, be a real man and love her for the beautiful person she is. Give her a reason to smile and never be the cause of her tears. She will, in turn, adore you with her pure love and with her you would feel alive every day.

But, if you are not ready for that, please go away from her without letting her go through the same experience.