21 Images Of Mister Global Contestants Dress In Their National Costumes

By. Anuradha

Fashion trends are rapidly changing but nothing can beat the pride of a national dress. In the final round of Mister Global 2019 which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on September 26th, everyone’s attention was grabbed by national costume round.

The event was initially founded back in 2014 and since then more than 60 countries have competed for the Mister Global title. 38 candidates participated for this year’s event and speaking about the event, the spokesperson for the pageant, Kitti Kamjunsa told that “Mister Global aims to promote environmental awareness, and we have been promoting this cause ever since we started in 2014. This year, we added a new motto “Inspiring Gentleman” because we believe that the contestants and titleholders should motivate and inspire people. During this year’s pageant, we did a fundraising event to support an organization that takes care of elephants in Thailand and it was successful.

When asked what makes Mister Global different from other pageants the spokesperson explained: “Basically every pageant system is identical but what makes Mister Global different from the others is that we are part of the Top 5 Grand Slam Male Pageants. We have good quality contestants and great support from our national directors from around the world. We have also garnered much support from our many fans that follow us on our website and official page. Most importantly, we are truly on our advocacy on Environmental Awareness and charity cause.”’

Speaking about the most-discussed national costume round, he also said that “For us, we are really surprised that it went viral around the world and we welcome many positive comments. However, this segment is nothing new in any pageant system as it has always been a part of it. The winning costume is not about the size or design but the story and culture behind it”

However, the national costume round was won by Myanmar and Mister Global title was won by Korea‘s Jong Woo Kim, who is a 23-year-old police administration student and model. Jong Woo Kim is set to become an inspirational role model for young men all around the world. He will also become a Global Goodwill Ambassador and participate in environmental and charitable projects.

So, scroll down to see the national dresses of participants and maybe you will find the representative of your country too!

Image Credit & More info: missosology.org | Instagram | Facebook

#1. Sri Lanka.

#2. Mexico.

#3. Panama.

#4. Indonesia.

#5. Haiti.

#6. Japan.

#7. The Dominican Republic.

#8. South Africa.

#9. Korea.

#10. Guam.

#11. Vietnam.

#12. Tunisia.

#13. The Czech Republic.

#14. Thailand.

#15. Spain.

#16. Laos.

#17. Hong Kong.

#18. The Philippines.

#19. Peru.

#20. Taiwan.

#21. Egypt.

The winner of the national costume round of Mister Global was Myanmar.