Husky Picked Out Her Own Shelter Kitten To Bring Home

By. Supuni

Raven is a sweet little Tamaskan husky puppy who was in dire need of a new friend to grow up with. Since her human owner Christina realized that she couldn’t select a best friend for Raven on her own, she decided to take the doggo along with her to the shelter to do the selection. Christina always dreamt of having a cat and a dog that would grow up together. To her, it has been a life goal.

She wanted the cat and the dog to get along well. This is why she wanted Raven to meet the cat and also the cat to get along fine with the doggo. When the husky got to the shelter she took a really long time to pick her new best friend. It was as if she was browsing in a supermarket unable to make a choice. Raven took her sweet time because she was still a young doggo.

The husky pup was introduced to four adorable little kittens. Out of these four kittens, none displayed any interest in the doggo except for one cute fluffball named Woodhouse. This was the day that Woodhouse found a forever home and not to forget, a best friend who would stick by the kitten’s side forever. A year has passed by and Raven and Woodhouse are now inseparable.

The doggo and the cat are perfect for one another. The two buddies do almost everything together and even help out each other whenever needed. They clean one another and napping together is their favorite thing to do. Even though they don’t cuddle a lot like they did when they were young, they are still together all the time.

They are kind of old now and grew up to be friends forever. Raven and Woodhouse love playing together. The two buddies have joint birthdays which they celebrate together.

Christina shares pictures of the two best friends on their Instagram account. Their photographs depict how comfortable the Raven and Woodhouse are in each other’s company. The love that they share for one another is heartwarming.

Image Credit & More Info; raven_and_woodhouse/instagram