The Friendship Between Ingo The Dog And Poldi The Owl

By. Neluka

The term “domestic dog” refers to any of the several hundred breeds of dogs in the world today. While these animals vary drastically in appearance, every dog, from the size of a Chihuahua to the Great Dane exists as a phenomenal nature in the World. Domestic dogs are mostly kept as pets, though many breeds are capable of surviving on their own and are independent, whether it’s in a forest or on city streets.

Like hawks and eagles, owls are sort of titled raptors or birds of prey, meaning, they use their sharp talons and curved bills to hunt, kill and eat other prey.

But owls can be slightly different from hawks and eagles in countless ways. A majority of owls have large heads, sturdy bodies, soft and smooth feathers, short tails, and a reversible toe that can point either forward or backward. Owl’s eyes face forward as humans do. Most owl species are active during the night, therefore they are considered nocturnal birds.

Recently, an unlikely bond was formed between a dog and an owl. This may sound absurd but it isn’t really unbelievable. Ingo was the Malinois Shepherd dog and Poldi was the name of the owl.

This was witnessed by Tanja Brandt, a collage artist, and professional animal photographer. In fact, she used these unlikely scenarios to create her own creative collage art and share them on her website to capture the hearts of all animal lovers.

Under the protection of mother nature.

The blend of nature and animals.

Posing at daylight.

The transparency of the world and animal species.

Colors reflected.

Wise owls.

Residing under an umbrella.

Owl captures in action.

Staring into the eyes of the universe.

They are always thinking together about the next adventure.

Big brother got his back always.

Let me teach you about the world friend.

Our grandchildren gonna remember us like this.

Time for a nap.

Let me smile for the camera.

Well, Everybody knows who’s the boss.

Image Credit & More Info: tanja_brandt/instagram | | Tanja Brandt/facebook