How People With Bad Eyesight See The World When They Take Off Their Glasses Illustrated In 29 Oil Paintings

By: Anuradha

I have often wondered how people with bad eyesight see the world when they remove glasses because my best friend happened to wear glasses since he was very young. He would get mad at me when I tease him by hiding his glasses and he often complains about the difficulties he faces when there are no glasses for him.

So if you are someone who wears glasses or is curious to know how the people who wear glasses see without them, then these paintings would be ideal for you. These paintings were done by Philip Barlow, a Cape Town-based artist and he portrays the struggle faced by those people who have myopia or nearsightedness which are the most common refractive errors of the eyes.

As it is cleverly depicted in Philip’s portraits when these people remove their glasses they are more likely to see various outlines of shapes and shades of colors than the actual images. Sometimes, you might have seen these people correctly handling the objects in front of them or moving to the correct side without glasses but they do that not because they can see, but merely because of the familiarity. Just think, even you can trace your path to your room in upstairs even with closed eyes right? So, these people are also using the same principle and if not for glasses all the things around them would look exactly like in the way it is depicted in the portraits. 

All the traffic lights, vehicle colors will look as a mere massacre and all the people will look as scarecrows in your eyes. If you are used to having glasses and happened to walk in a street without them then the best advice I can give you is please don’t move! You will probably get stuck with things in front of you and may create so many troubles.

So, have a look at these wonderful depictions. They are just too fine to name as paintings because they feel like real and I’m sure all of you would love this in the same way I do!

More info: philipbarlow Instagram