12 Guys Who Deserve A Medal for Their Relationship Skills

By: Anuradha

Having a long-term relationship is not an easy thing at all. Each of us is different and there can always be many fierce and serious arguments. You would think of leaving, you would start yelling at your partner but at the end of your anger, you will love the other one even more and that is the beauty of love.

However, the secret behind a happy relationship is the understanding between the partners. We often tend to be disappointed and frustrated in the behaviors of our partners and we become disappointed as we expect them to be in the way that we want them to be. We never try to think about their personality and preferences in life but we try to mold them so that they would fit into the model that we have created in our hearts.

But, life would be much better when you try to step on your partner’s shoes and come to a conclusion about their behaviors. True love is not about spending so many hours together but enjoying each other’s company even in the little time you get to spend together.

Here, we found some guys who deserve a medal for their relationship skills. Instead of roaring at their wives or arguing with them, they have found some interesting ways to convey the message that they want and there is no doubt that their wives would never be irritated when things are expressed in this way.

So, scroll down to see some amazing ways to handle your wife and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

#1. My man knows how to arrange the perfect romantic evening. (ladyrussellin)

#2. I massaged my husband to find out how his day alone with the baby is going. He sent me this… (funtime.ge)

#3. I often slam doors by accident. My husband came up with a great way to make me give up this habit. (laranaroja.com)

#4. I asked my husband to wash the dishes and now I’m afraid to touch them. (bigbighome.org)

#5. My husband organized an unforgettable party for the kids. (ondacero.com)

#6. This guy proposed to his girlfriend in the style of her favorite animated movie. He even sewed the dress himself! (imgur.com)

#7. This is how my husband gave me a hint that the milk had gone bad and we needed to get rid of it. (jeffmarcelfie)

#8. Another highly original marriage proposal. (choppingblock.com)

#9. I asked my husband to buy six potatoes. (sanwen.com)

#10. This guy drew his girlfriend in the style of a Disney princess as a present for Valentine’s day. (linkis.com)

#11. My husband thought for a long time about how to tell me that my sweater has shrunk in the wash. He found a way to give me a hint… (cnss.com)

#12. I was worried that I’d become ‘round’ when I was pregnant. But my husband found a way to console me. (imgur.com)

Preview photo credit: funtime.ge