21 Of The Most Lit Memes From The Game Of Thrones Season 8

By: Anuradha

There has never been any TV show which was very much popular across the whole planet like Games of Thrones. With the release of its latest and the final season, the attention given to the show has been renewed and there are both GOT haters and GOT fans who comment endlessly about the various aspects of the show.

There is no doubt that the GOT crew did some blunders by being very much careless and Christian, who runs the popular Game of Thrones fansite Game of Thrones Fans gave a general comment about this last episode.

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He said, “Well first of all, as you probably saw, this season is just getting worse by the episode and it’s not because of the effects, its because writers have been writing poorly since the 3rd episode,” he told us.

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“First, it started with killing Night King so easily and giving fans something they wanted for so long, but without any kind of satisfaction or twist in the episode.”

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“Just like in the third episode, they did same with Dany in this one,” Christian continued. “The story after they started the attack just went straight ahead to destruction, and if it wasn’t for a couple of small scenes to save the day, it would have been a total disaster.”

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“Thank god for some small scenes like the death of Varys Cleganebowl, and the fight between Jaime and Euron.”

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“Fair enough, they made Dany as the ‘mad queen,’ but why not show some emotion or reaction while she was on dragon destroying the city? Or at least give some background story to it”

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Looking ahead to the final ever episode, Christian admits he has no idea what to expect. “This season is something that no one expected, so I guess more crazy and unexpected stuff is coming up! Maybe Arya will kill Dany since she saw first hand what she did in King’s landing.”

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Christian added that a theory from the Facebook page A song of Ice and fire has taken his attention and it might give some clues for the last episode. “All the green explosions you see while Daenerys flies above King’s Landing setting the city on fire are the caches of Wildfire that Aerys II had his Pyromancers stockpile all around the city,” he explained.

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“Cercei and Tyrion didn’t find them to use against Stannis’ fleet back in the second season just before episode nine, Blackwater. As a friend pointed out, in a way it was Aery’s wrath taking his revenge on the city through her daughter.”

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You can check out Christian’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more interesting details about the show.

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So, scroll down to see some of the best memes and don’t forget to share your favorite!  

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