Guy Photoshopped Hollywood Actors With Their Young Selves

By: Anuradha

If you can step back in time, what would be the time that you would like to move in?

You may give different answers and name different ages based on an age that you prefer. We all have our own memories attached with each age and we will do anything if we can turn time back and fly into those memories. However, there are few actors who were lucky enough to pose with their young selves and it is really interesting to see the contrast between their present look and old selves.

It was indeed the development of technology that helped these artists or rather their fans to see the changes in their selves. Ard Gelinck photoshopped the pictures that these artists had taken in their very young days along with their current ones and the effect is just amazing. Some of them retain the look of their young days, whereas some have lost the glamour of those days. However, it is really nice to see the changes and I am sure that you would absolutely love the final creation. 

So, scroll down to see how these artists have changed over the time and please share your comments with us. Maybe you can also try to do the same with your own pictures and it would be really funny to see how you have also changed with time. because of the development of technology, we are given the chance to fulfill many wishes that would have never become true in terms of physical reality. In some of the pictures above, it is really hard to guess whether they are real or not even. Some of them look 100% true and that is the beauty of the technology.

So, scroll down and let us know what your thoughts are!

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1. Sylvester Stallone.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio.

3. Julia Roberts.

4. Richard Gere.

5. Tom Cruise.

6. Jennifer Aniston.

7. Mel Gibson.

8. Tom Hanks.

9. George Clooney.

10. Brad Pitt.

11. Robert De Niro.

12. Johnny Depp.

13. David Hasselhoff.

14. Macaulay Culkin.

15. Clint Eastwood.

16. Ralph Macchio.

17. Christina Applegate.

18. Daniel Radcliffe.

19. Emma Watson.

20. Will Smith.

21. Rob Lowe.