Guy Creates Indoor Fake Tree For A Cat, And The Master Loves It

By: Anuradha

There are many cat lovers who will do anything to please their little friends. Giving them an adventurous environment to play would be one of the best things a cat lover can do. Rob Rogalski is an art entrepreneur who creates fantastic worlds for his customers. His sculptures, puppets, and miniature movie sets are quite amazing and his new tree installation is made exclusively for naughty cats to play as much as they want!  

He made it at one of his friend’s home and it was custom made. so, if you need one at your place, you will need to invite Rob over to your place!

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He told that,

“First, I design and build to the specific needs of the location, and my clients. Each tree is different, it is an organic process.”

“For Permanent Installations, like cat trees, furniture, beds, reading, etc. I start by constructing a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets or blocks of foam that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay.”

“That is then mixed with heavy duty wood glue.. (or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass) This is extremely durable.”

“For something that needs a little less structure, or is temporary, like a theatrical set, or storefront display I’ll build “a tree” out of cardboard, and paper mache. Sometimes I’ll do a mix of both techniques. This is still very Durable.”

Rob also does other similar pieces, like these tree-shelves in a little girl’s bedroom

“Because of the time and the labor involved in making something like this, I charge a minimum of $4000 to $4500,” Rob explains. “This doesn’t include the cost for supplies, that are paid for by my client separately. The total amount is contingent on size, and extras added. The material needs vary from job-to-job and time spent.”

“If you want to commission me to build you a tree, please feel free to contact me!”

Many people loved his works and you can also contact him if you need to treat your cat lover!