Just A Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Eating Berries

By. Mahesh

A clip of a monkey was released on YouTube, which shares footage of the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey. In a single shot, the cameraman feeds a plump monkey standing straight on a stone walkway with a few handfuls of berries he takes and eats greedily (shown below).

According to the National Geographic channel, this species exclusively prefers montane forests where it’s covered in snow for up to 6 months. It is found in mixed leaf woods from 1,400 to 2,800 m in the Qinling Mountain range (Gao and Liu 1995; Li et al. 2001). It may also be found in other kinds of forests, such as a mixed conifer and feathered leaf. In mixed coniferous and broadleaf and deciduous forests. They are said to be semi-terrestrial and eat seeds, fruit, bark, insects, and small vertebrates.

But why the odd face? you might wonder. No one seems to know why, but the Pennsylvania state primatologist Nina Jablonski says that the flat must’ve evolved to aid them to survive in the extremely cold surroundings while not getting injuries like frostbites.

A video was shared by a YouTuber Where a cute golden snub-nose monkey eats berries out of a person’s hand directly, and it went viral on the internet.

The footage, shared on YouTube Golden Monkey, is so nice it almost looks like it was manufactured with CGI or just copied from Star Wars using just stereotypes of the looks of a lovely little monkey. But no, it is very real. In fact, it turns out that it’s an endangered species of monkeys from Maoping village in China, where these monkeys live in harmony with the residents of the village.

When Cozy Club shared it on Twitter, people immediately asked all sorts of questions. What is the breed of this monkey? Where would I find one? Which part of the world do they exist in? Is that not an individual in a suit? were frequently asked.

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