Cat Befriends A Stray Kitten from Yard and Brings Him Home

By. Supuni

Being a cat owner is no easy task, but being the owner of 3 cats is definitely exhausting. Kalrieke owned 3 adorable cats and she thought that was enough. The number changed from two to three last summer when she decided to take in the rescue cat named Stavros.

After being rescued a year ago, the white and ginger fluff ball then became the leader of the trio. This cat was used to living an independent life of his own and answered to no one. One day Stavros came across a stray cat in his backyard looking for something to fill its belly. Didn’t take long for this cat to befriend this stray kitty.

Image Credit & More Info: instagram

The owners realized that Stavros had a soft spot for stray kittens due to his own past experience as one. This caring creature was sympathetic towards the stray. Kalrieke then asked her neighbors to clarify as to whether the kitten had an owner, but her search didn’t yield results. Meanwhile, the stray kitten kept coming to the house to spend time with Stavros. The two seemed to be developing a friendship.

Stavros the kind cat was even willing to give away his own food to the stray kitten. This is when Kalrieke decided on taking the kitten in. She then named him Charlie. After seeing the bond between Stavros and Charlie, she didn’t want to leave him on the streets.

After adopting the stray kitten she was able to enlarge her cat family. Stavros even gave Charlie a tour of the house after he moved in. He taught the stray kitten how to be a house cat. While Charlie was adapting to the domestic environment Kalrieke began giving him cuddles to help quicken the process. Charlie somehow managed to transition into a house cat in no time. He loves playing with the other cats and getting attention from his human owners. The stray kitten adores Stavros and both of them are inseparable. Kalrieke’s house has four cats now, they are none other than Charlie, Jack, Louis, and Stavros. It isn’t just humans that practice kindness, animals do too.

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