This Girl And Her Dog Saved A Mother Goat And Her Baby

Hamdü Sena Bilgin is a girl who is a resident of a small village located outside the city of Rize, Turkey. Hamdü and her family own a small farm consisting of goats and these goats provide them with milk. This little girl plays the role of a goatherd as well as a protector of animals.

She even owns a dog named Tomi who follows her everywhere and comes to her assistance whenever it is needed. Tomi is always there by her side and even the cold winter cannot stop the dog from helping his beloved human.

One day as Hamdü and Tomi were keeping an eye on the goats grazing on a snowy hillside away from home, one goat went into labor. The young girl was concerned that the goat and her baby would not be able to make it back home alone since they would both be too weak. Hamdü decided to take action immediately. She waited until the goat had given birth and then led the other goats belonging to the herd back to the shelter.

The young goatherd then grabbed two backpacks from her house and returned to where she had left the goat and her newborn. Tomi accompanied her. Even though the backpacks were generally made use of to carry books and school supplies, on this particular day it was utilized to carry the two creatures. Hamdü carried the mother goat in her backpack while Tomi carried the newborn baby in the other backpack. “He’s a good dog. Very smart,” the girl conveyed.

Hamdü and Tomi then journeyed together through the steep slopes covered in snow to ensure that the mother and baby goats were brought back to their shelter safely. “The snow was so thick. I was exhausted. But it was worth it,” expressed Hamdü. Towards the end of the tireless journey, Hamdü’s brother joined her and even managed to capture images of the rescue mission. The young goatherd and her loyal doggo are the reason why the mother goat and her baby are now able to lead a happy and healthy life.

Even though it was Hamdü’s duty to protect the goats, many people praised her and Tomi for their bravery after the story went viral. She was determined to not leave the mother and baby goat to die outside in the cold weather and her efforts paid off. She is undoubtedly the very definition of an “animal lover”. It is heartwarming to come across individuals such as Hamdü and her doggo Tomi because they make us believe that there is still good left in this world.

Image Credit & More Info; Hamdü Sena Bilgin | H/T; thedodo