Game Of Thrones Accidentally Leave A Starbucks-like Cup In One Of The Scenes And People Are Losing It

By: Anuradha

Game of Thrones craze renewed with the launching of its latest and final season and millions of fans over the world were madly in love with it. There were several social media discussions and arguments between GOT fans and GOT haters about various aspects of the tv series which include its cast, plot line and direction, and many more things. However, one of the biggest uproars about the latest season was that no one couldn’t see a thing! The ‘Battle at Winterfell’ literally looked too dark and even though this tactic was used to enhance the fiery and evil quality of the scene, many fans were frustrated with that as they couldn’t even see the things that they should have seen!

However, in this week’s episode “The last of the Starks” which is the fourth episode of the final season, they did another blunder by showing too much! During a party scene in this better lit episode, fans noticed a prop that didn’t fit with the quasi-medieval realm! A Starbuck coffee cup was kept on the table in front of Emilia Clarke and this unacceptable prop suddenly caught the attention of many viewers all over the world.

Because of all these prop mistakes and lightning errors, many fans are complaining this season to be the worst season out of all and there is an online trend that says “Game of Thrones season 8 sucks”.  You can scroll down to see the mistake that they did and don’t forget to share what you feel with us!

The fourth episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones featured an odd prop and fans are going crazy over it! (Image credits: HBO)

The episode was well lit and the odd coffee cup was clearly visible. (Image credits: HBO)

It was directly kept in front of Emilia Clark and got the attention of many viewers. (Image credits: HBO)

Perhaps, it was intentionally kept there to sober up the queen after drinking that goblet of celebratory wine! (Image credits: HBO)

It all started when a fan posted this picture.

Image credits: NehalMahran

Many people doubted whether it was real.

Image credits: NaziQazi

Image credits: XiFi

Image credits: manassengar1

It was revealed that the picture was actually true and many thought it to be hilarious!

Image credits: lureeedo

Image credits: Jeny

Image credits: JonCSnow1

Image credits: LRG_Fiend

Image credits: JorCru

But, there were some who were so mad about the whole production crew for doing this blunder!

Image credits: JennaGuillaume

We really pity the barista who had to try and spell Daenerys right!

Image credits: TheGeneralSYD

Image credits: Mohusein

Image credits: sagarcasm

HBO clarified that this was in fact, a mistake, later saying that it actually wasn’t a Starbucks cup that was accidentally left on Daenerys table.

Image credits: Game of Thrones