21 Adorable Sphynx Photos For Every Sphynx Lover

By: Anuradha

Beauty is a difficult thing to define. We all have different ideas about beauty but in general, if something soothes your heart and brings you pleasure, you would think it to be beautiful or if not appealing. We are talking about beauty because we are going to show you some pictures of a cat breed which is generally considered as not being beautiful by many.

The Sphynx cat breed is not popular among many because of their appearance. They do not have a winter coat and therefore, this hairless quality makes them unpopular among many. This breed is considered to be originated from Canada in the mid-1960s. a cat in Ontario gave birth to a hairless kitten as a result of a natural genetic mutation and following this, there were two another births of hairless kittens in the mid-1970s. They evolved into a unique breed through careful breeding with time and actually, they are covered with a thin layer of fuzz although they appear to be hairless/ 

This breed needs regular maintenance and owners are expected to wash them at least once a week and wipe their bodies with a washcloth, as their skins attract dust particles, pollen, and dirt along with dead skin. They can even get sunburnt or subject to a heavy cold. So, if you interested in raring one of them, do your own research before taking one home. 

Here, we have a collection of beautiful Sphynx pictures and there is no doubt that you will fall in love with them!

#1. Her ears melt me. (purrphynx)

If you are allergic to cat hairs and think of having a Sphynx as they seem hairless, then you are a mistake. They also produce Fel d1, which is the allergic protein in cat saliva and skin. According to cat geneticists, there is no cat without this protein. 

#2. So tiny, so cute. (peachfuzzsphynx)

#3. Fell in love with our new boy. (supersonickittens)

#4. The super cute Sphynx kitten. (hr_pippi)

#5. Baby Blue. (sphynx_missblue_missebene)

#6. Oh, hello ladies! (sphynx_aqua)

#7. Those eyes! (engineerfromhell)

People generally love exotic cat breeds like Maine Coon. But according to the Cat Fancier’s Association, Sphynx is ranked as the 8th most popular feline breed in the country.

#8. The next generation. (sphynx_ins.gram)

#9. Say hello to Minnie! (quad64bit)

A recent study in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour also ranked Sphynxes as the most affectionate cat breed ever.

#10. Good morning. (nocoatkittysphynx)

#11. The majestic trio. (azurepeach)

#12. New profile picture for Charlie the Nude cat. (nocoatkittysphynx)

#13. He found his home forever. (charliethenudecat)

#14. Can you be any cuter? (Zolor)

#15. That squishy little face. (sunnysphynx)

#16. Lakshmi smiling. (sphynxluna)

#17. So serious baby. (sphynx_mommy)

#18. Her name is Andromeda Crazy Daisy. (freygeist_cattery)

#19. Baby from last year’s litter. (mystikacattery)

#20. 1-month-old Sphynx. (sad-but-hydrated)

#21. My boy just turned 9 weeks! (newans_sphynx)