Do Not Stop Being A Good Person Because Of Bad People

By. Ran

Don’t let others change you.

There are bad people in the world.  And that is a fact.

There is really no going around this. We can do everything in our power to create protective bubbles around ourselves, but nothing can prevent encounters with bad people. They come in many forms: co-workers, strangers, friends and even family sometimes.

It is almost impossible to stop bad people from entering your life. But, do not ever stop being a good person just because of all the bad people out there.

True change comes from within; if it comes from an external change, it is not true change. It is not the kind of change that sticks around. You are far too better to be changed because of bad people. Resisting a change that you don’t want is a sign of strength. Continuing to be the person you want to be no matter what people do and say is a sign of strength.

Be a good person or yourself.

It is fake when someone wants to be a good person because of other people. Being a good person should be a motivation that comes from the understanding of one’s self. Be a good person for yourself. When you are good to others, others will reciprocate. If someone lets bad people take their good qualities away, that is because they were not good in the first place. If they were, others would not be able to take their goodness away.

An eye for an eye.

Mohandas Gandhi is famous for having used the phrase “an eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.” If you become a bad person just because there are bad people and start doing bad things just because they did bad things to you, you are blinding everyone. You are seeking an eye for an eye.

Instead of passing on their hatred by becoming a bad person yourself, help them turn back. Do not amplify their effect, try to make them good people too.

Believe there is good.

If you are reading this, you are probably a good person. And you are not alone. There are good people in this world. So when you experience bad people, remember, there is still good in so many places in the form of different people. Remember, you are not alone.