5 Signs Your Partner Has No Respect For You

By. Ran

Have you been able to tell the difference between a tough patch in a relationship and a relationship that is just not working?

Everything may seem perfect at first but things change as time goes by. And you have to be on alert for those subtle clues of disrespect.

You have to communicate with your partner with respect, even if they do not do the same.

However, if your partner consistently disrespects you and makes no effort to change for the better, then you should consider getting out. You deserve someone who cares, someone who loves. Above all, someone who respects.

#1. They Always Have To Have Everything Their Way.

If they do not acknowledge the fact that there are two people in the relationship, then you have to bring your feelings and what they are doing to their attention. Compromising is crucial to any relationship and no relationship can survive without both parties compromising at certain points.

#2. Your Partner Makes No Effort To Be Nice.

Even the hardest feelings can be communicated delicately with love and affection. If your partner makes no effort to be nice to you, to support you, then it is a clear sign. If they truly love you, they will make a sincere effort to make you feel great and not doing so speaks for itself.

#3. They Disrespect Your Friends And Family.

Your friends and your family are a big part of your life and these people are the core of your life; your partner should treat them with respect. They do not have to like all the people in your life but they have to be respected. And that is a key requirement.

#4. Your Partner Is Very Critical And Judgmental Of You.

Nothing is good enough for them, they keep focusing on mishaps and flaws instead of praising you for your achievements. It is okay to point out something you could be doing better, but it should be done in the interest of improvement, not belittlement.

#5. They Refuse To Listen.

Do they listen when you speak? Or do they just wait for you to speak so that they can talk about themselves or do something else? You have to pay attention to.