Papa Cat Meets His Newborn Kittens And Kisses Momma Cat

By. Neluka

A Scottish Cat met his kids for the first time and his reaction towards his newborn ones managed to capture the hearts of seven million viewers on the Internet. Cynthia E.Vernando, on Book Reporter, stated, “It’s impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.“ When she saw the papa cats reaction towards the comfortable little playful kittens playing and wriggling over their mother’s body.

This video was indeed very exciting to capture as the papa cat had never witnessed his newborns and was curious to find out what they all looked like. At first, the papa cat looked directly at the kittens and then lost his doubts when the mother cat stretched herself and called out to him as if she were saying,” Come here Papa, look at our kids, we made as to the outcome of our love.” It was such a beautiful reunion ensemble.

The dad cat reached out to his wife immediately after recognizing her scent. There on, he kept rubbing her face and kissing her since they were apart for quite a long period. It was so lovely to see their long-lasting love as a couple together again. He then sniffed his kittens one by one and recognized their scent. Most of all, he realized the fact that he was now a Dad, to his kids and a good husband to his wife. His responsibilities grew with time and he became a very caring and over-protective Dad to his own family.

Scientific theories say that licking and kissing each other is indeed a form of love and care, not only within a family but even between friends and other loved ones. Their sense of belongingness is expressed through licking and grooming which was also called allogrooming. If any cats are seen at this moment, then, we should not disturb them but embrace the sight of their love expressed. It might even be a good bonding experience.

Some dad cats can be harmful whereas they can eat their little ones but this papa cat spent time grooming step-by-step and grow with each other. Thus this feeling of being together was sensationally expressed by the video of the papa cat’s first encounter with his loved ones.

Image/Video Credit & More Info; Cat Chloe & kittens/Youtube | catological | thenest

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