Bride-To-Be Invents IKEA Bag Hack To Use The Bathroom Worry Free On Her Wedding Day

By: Santo

The day of their wedding is the most important day of the life of any couple. It is the day they both are looking forward to begin their new life together as a new family. It is the bride who is mostly concerned about the decorations and the attires when it comes to organizing weddings. The dream of any bride is to look beautiful their wedding day and much concern is given to their wedding dress they are going to wear on their special day.

Since it is not just another day the bride will always want her wedding gown a remarkable dress which her family and friends will admire, most of all to make it something that will make her look beautiful than the other ordinary days. She will want her dress to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. But one of the main hardships that most of the brides face is making their wedding gown a dress that is easy to dress and undress at the same time when the urge comes to have pee-breaks with all those frequent champagne flowing.

This is the IKEA bag that saved Tina’s day.

Image credits: Tina

See how she made some adjustments in the bag to suit her purpose.

Image credits: Tina

A British bride named Tina successfully came up with a solution for this challenge on her wedding day. Identifying the challenge beforehand she sought the support of the IKEA bag and then she shared the pictures of her genius repurposing of the IKEA bags on IKEA hackers blog and this eventually went viral. Seems like Tina really did not want someone to watch her peeing and help her with toilet-tissues on her wedding day.

And here it is. The ultimate savior of brides.

Image credits: Tina

“My bridal bathroom helper hack costs about 0.80 euro and I did it the day before my wedding. It took only three minutes. What I like best is it’s almost free and allows me to make my life easier on my wedding day” says Tina happily overcoming the most frustrating challenge any bride would have to face on their wedding day.

At the end the mission was successfully completed.

Image credits: Tina