The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense (13 Photographs)

By Anuradha.

Most of do not like to carry all our cash with us nowadays. It is not safe and particularly, when you travel in a foreign land, if your money gets lost, you would be in huge trouble. So, using credit cards, debit cards and some easy payment method have become the trend and therefore, if you visit a market or some other shopping complex, you would probably see a lot of people using their bank cards most of the times than using actual money.

However, despite all the security that we get when performing all our money deals through bank cards, now another problem has arisen when taking money from ATM. There are smugglers around ATMs who try to steal money the money that you withdraw and another common tactic used by them is pretending to be bank officers and help the customers while what they are actually doing is stealing all the card details!

So, there is no need to say that using an ATM alone is risky these days. Even though there are security cameras, cubicle-type walls and even armed guards to help people, it is not totally safe to use ATM alone particularly at nights and because of this, some people have found a new defense mechanism to save themselves.

Instead of going alone, they have taken their canine guards with them and this seems quite effective as smugglers or any other person would not dare approach them for any reason. Many pictures of people taking their dogs to ATMs were posted on social media and this approach has received good feedback from people all over the world.

So, if you are thinking of adopting a dog and need a good reason to do that, then here you go! If you already have a dog, then register them as your official cash is withdrawn guard dog!

So, scroll down to see all the proofs that you need.

#1. Don’t even think about it! (atrain1189)

#2. When you have security in ATM. (mustafasoho14)

#3. Watching her back. (protectiondogselite)

#4. Two-sided tank system.

#5. Using the ATM at night. (outerspace)

#6. Self-protecting and treat-Fed system. (Frank Baron)

#7. Doing his job and watching the girl’s back. (cokekennel)

#8. The tiny guard is watching you. (David Falck)

#9. How to use the cash dispensing machine safely. (vaguetommy)

#10. ATM security at its best. (darkdynastyk9s_branden)

#11. ATM security guarantee. (ocregister)

#12. Personal protection dog.

#13. Best protection. (swflk9trainer)