Bears Kept Stealing Honey From This Bee Farm And The Owner Decided To Turn Them Into Honey Tasters

By. Anuradha

Stealing is not a good thing at all. From our little days, we were constantly advised by our parents and teachers not to steal other people’s things. Sometimes, you might have been robbed and if you have faced the consequences of a theft, you would surely know how bad it feels. You would feel like finding the thief and punishing him in the first place. But some people turn certain thieves into their employers! So, this is a story about such a wonderful robber.

Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural engineer who lives in Trabzon, Turkey. His main field of work is beekeeping and from quite some time, he has been struggling to prevent lickerish bears from destroying his hives. These bears used to steal honey from many farms and therefore, they are considered as a nuisance by many farmers.

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When Ibrahim first found out that bears are stealing his harvest, he did everything possible to keep them away from his farm. He put metal cages around hives, tried to leave food such as bread, fruit, and honey to prevent them from attacking his hives, but nothing worked.

He was desperate but he also wanted to learn more about them. so, he installed photo trap cameras to track the movements of bears in his farm. So, when he found out about their movements and habits, he came up with this brilliant idea to turn bears into honey tasters!

He set up a table with 4 kinds of honey for the bears to taste. Hidden cameras caught all the movements of bears and it turns out that bears do have an expensive taste!

Speaking to us he said, the bears were drawn to the farm from the smell of Anzer honey as they always tasted it first. They didn’t pay much attention to cherry blossom honey you can understand how expensive are their taste. Usually, 2 pounds of Anzer honey would cost more than $300.