This Artist Takes Used Tires People Throw In The Streets And Creates Beds For Animals

By: Anuradha

There are some wonderful humans out there who do amazing things to the world and try to restore our faith in humanity. Despite everything that has changed over the years, they remind us of what it means to be kind and nice towards others and how being humane can really change someone else’s life.

The Brazilian artist Amarildo Silva tried to change the fate of some helpless creatures by using his energy and skills. He is still young but what he did clearly shows that he is well-matured in his thoughts. He took the thrown away trash and turned them into some wonderful homes for puppies.

When he noticed thrown away old tires in the streets, he felt that he should do something from them and that is how the first idea about making homes for puppies out of tires was originated. It started about 2 years ago when he was thinking about some way to make an extra income.

He work hard and make them himself.

He had a talent for handicrafts from his very young days and when he saw old tires he knew what he should do to make something beautiful out of them. he first collected as many tires as possible and it took an entire room at his place to store the whole load. Then he separated them according to their sizes, cut them, wash them and painted.

He painted them himself.

He drew unique designs for each tire and wrote names of each animal who own it. The final creation was just amazing and many people loved to buy these beautiful homes for their puppies.

Amarildo was also happy with the final result as he could help animals and as well as do something out of the thrown away trashes. He hopes that this project will contribute to a more sustainable world and he also plans to generate more socio-environmental effective ideas in the future as well.

So, let us know your ideas about this amazing creation. Maybe you can order one for your pet too!

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His looks says how thankful he is.

He is just a pleased young dog.

He enjoys doing other works for dogs too.

A beautiful family in a comfortable place.

Who is there look haha

He is too cute.