Artist Carves Pottery And Reveals Layers Of Beautiful Colors Underneath

By. Anuradha

The more you love something, the better you get at doing it. Some people love different things and we found a man who loves pottery. Sean-Forest Roberts is a Washington-based artist who does wonders with his talent and knowledge in pottery. The young-artist uses science together with his creative eye to make beautiful porcelain forms and patterns. His designs are very much famous among pottery lovers because of his color designs. He runs the Forest Ceramic Company together with his partner Valeri Aleksandrov. He has been in the ceramic industry for fifteen years and in the last seven years, he has specially dedicated his time to specialize in colored porcelain.

His passion for pottery has started back in school when he was trying to do a craft for the first time. He said, “I am often asked about my art background, and I inevitably tell my story about studying chemistry at Carleton College, with my serious hobby of ceramics, which started in High School with a love of throwing pottery on the wheel. I think it’s a fun fact that I have never taken an art class other than ceramics, and my formal education in ceramics was very minimal. My ceramic knowledge is self-taught, and I am most interested in exploring processes that are not common knowledge. I continue to learn every day through my experimentation”.

Robert is also an Instagram celebrity. He has over 359k followers and he generally uploads pictures, not of his finished products but also on the process of making colored ceramic. Roberts also explained to us about his mechanism in making ceramics. “The process I use is called slipcasting. The first step is to create a prototype form on the wheel, then create a plaster mold of that form. Once the plaster mold has been made, it can be “cast” a couple of times in one day, using slip—liquefied clay—to recreate the original prototype form. After casting there are 10-12 steps to undergo for each piece, and it takes about a week to have the final product out of final glaze firing”

He also had much to say about his inspiration. “My studio is one half a laboratory and the other half a playground. The majority of my inspiration comes from nature and chemistry. I bring my experimental mindset to the studio, and my work is constantly changing as I explore new techniques and materials. I thrive most when I am trying something new, and learning through the process.”

So, scroll down to see some of his works and do let us know how much you are intrigued by this beautiful art.

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#1. The queen of colors.

#2. The lady in white.

#3. The magnificent blue.

#4. White and blue combo.

#5. The rare colors.

#6. Natural beauty.

#7. The fire.

#8. The rainbow pot.

#9. Spiral haze.

#10. True beauty.

#11. Simplicity.

#12. A little dinosaur.

#13. Beyond the universe.

#14. The fall.

#15. The ocean vibe.

#16. Rock beauty.

#17. Plants.

#18. Garden vibes.

#19. The two pots.

#20. Beauty beyond measure.

#21. Fiery rose.