8 Ways Your Life Change When Your Parents Pass Away

By. Anuradha

Life is quite unpredictable. We will never know what will come on our way in the next minute. We all try to spend our life happily doing the things we like. When we are busy enjoying our life to the fullest, there are so many things that we tend to forget. Particularly, when you grow up, you won’t give the same kind of affection and attention to your parents as you did when you were a kid. Your life would be occupied with so many other things which you consider to be important and your parents would be insignificant in your eyes.

However, even if you give them enough love and attention, you will realize their true worth only when they pass away. They are the only people on the earth who truly worried about your success and happiness. Everything that they did was to give you something better in life and when they pass away, no one else would be able to replace the void they created.

So, here are 8 ways you change when you lose your parents:

#1. You feel the sadness and emotional pain in your body.

Your parent’s death will not only create an emotional agony but also a pain in your body.  The trauma of your experience can make you physically sick and therefore, always make sure to look after your health in this period. Taking care of your body, mind and spiritual health will quicken the healing process and will help you to manage things in a better way.

#2. You are overwhelmed by negative emotions.

The loss of your parents will not create a sadness but the sadness would be accompanied by guilt, anger, loneliness and many other negative emotions that will create a bad effect on you. but what you need to keep in your mind is that you should not let these emotions suppress you. things have already happened and there is nothing that you can do now to change them. so, accept all those emotions and let them pass freely.

#3. You become more stressed and anxious.

When you face a stressful situation, there is more tendency that you will feel more irritated and overwhelmed even by trivial things. You will begin to be anxious even about your health, that of your partner and kids. Little things will worry you a lot and there is a higher risk for you to have depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. 

#4. You can’t stand listening to other people complain about their parents.

When your parents leave you forever, you will realize their true value and the impact they had on your life. No one will be there for you again to ask you to put on your coat or listen to all your nonsense throughout the day. So when you hear others taking their parents for granted and complaining about them, you will be pissed off. You will die to have them back in your life and seeing others not understanding that value, will make you angry.

#5. You learn to accept their mistakes.

When your parents are gone, you will be able to contemplate more deeply on their characters. You will understand their mistakes and you will reflect on their failures with a profound understanding. Most importantly, you will able to forgive them for their mistakes and love them their true self.

#6. Holidays will no longer be the same for you.

Most of your holidays from your very young years were spent with your parents. They are the ones who taught you how to celebrate things and enjoy true freedom. So, when they are gone holidays won’t feel the same. You won’t have your parents near-by to help you with anything and you will be overcome by their memories. 

#7. You learn to live with the pain.

No matter how quickly you overcame the grief of your parent’s loss, no matter how much the time has passed since their death and what you did to deal with pain, you will always feel their absence. Their loss will forever create a void in you but you will learn to live with the pain.

#8. You learn what genuine, unconditional love means.

The love a parents shows for their kids is truly unconditional and cannot be compared with anything. They are the only people on earth who will do everything for you and will never expect anything in return. Their love will teach you how to love someone genuinely and unconditionally. Their love will teach you the love between a parent and a kid will last forever.