8 Warning Signs You’re Mentally and Physically Fatigued and Need a Rest

By: Anuradha

Life is not soft and smooth at any time. We all have to face various ups and downs, various hear breakings, downfalls and yet, we have to face everything and move on. Sometimes when things get a bad turn and pessimism engulf us in its most superior way, we just feel like giving up everything and escaping from life. That notion that we feel at end of endless hazards is not good as it can create terrible outcomes ranging from suicides to various accidents.

Therefore, it is always better to identify earlier when you feel physically and mentally fatigued. You can try to control yourself and try to take a little break from whatever the thing that you were doing. When you come after a little relaxation you would be able to do everything in a far better way and life would be much easier.

So, here we are giving you 8 signs to identify whether you are physically and mentally ill. If you feel you have these symptoms, then better take a rest as we said!

1. You are easily irritated.

Sometimes you may find yourself recklessly irritated even for the lightest things. When you experience several bad things continuously you may feel down which would result in making you irritated.

So, at this phase, try to console yourself. You must keep in mind that your words and actions can create so many losses and therefore try to be cool instead of getting angry all the time.

2. Your motivation levels are lower than ever.

You would feel like a loser and that you are incapable to do anything. The motivation that you had earlier would seem like lost and you may feel totally down.

So, if you feel like this, just relax a bit and have a good breathe. Inspirations are everywhere around us and you will feel that when you least expect it.

3. You are experiencing anxiety attacks more than usual.

Because of exhaustion you may feel you are anxious than usual. You would feel so bad and would feel like giving up everything. So, if you feel like this then try to be isolated and figure out what should be done. Take a good nap and give yourself a thought. You would surely find an answer.

4. You have trouble sleeping.

You would spend hours and hours on bed waiting for a good sleep to carry you away. When you are mentally and physically troubled, you are restless and it prevents you from taking a good nap. So at this time breathe rhythmically and try to control yourself.

5. Meaningless things upset you.

You would feel bad even for the most trivial things. Sometimes you would be crying for hours because of the intense feelings you are having. So at these times try to compose yourself. Remind yourself that things would be okay soon. You can also talk to someone intimate and try to be cool.

6. You feel dizzy and nauseous.

One common feature that can be observed when a person undergoes a mental or physical breakdown is the dizziness. When the body feels that it is exhausted it requires for a rest and therefore such a person naturally feels sleepy and nausea.

7. You feel like crying for a no reason.

When you feel that everything around you happens in the wrong way, you feel hyper-sensitive and therefore even a very light thing would make you cry. Actually, what you are doing by crying is pouring out everything inside you and therefore, don’t feel bad for crying.  It is the only mechanism our body use for cleansing.

8. You start to feel detached.

This is the stage that you go dumb and senseless. You don’t feel good or bad. You should try not to reach this point as the result can be terrible. So when you reach to this stage, just relax.  Be cool. Nothing can let you down. What you need is sometime to restart everything.

Being physically and mentally down is common to everyone. So what you should try to do is just cooling down at this sort of times. Life is beautiful. Just enjoy it!