7 Different Types of Soulmates That We All Meet In Our Lives

By: Anuradha

When hearing the word ‘soulmate’ we naturally think about that one person who is destined to be with us forever but the truth is that we do not have only one soulmate. We generally have lots of soulmates and each of them are there for various purposes.

The word ‘soulmate’ can be used to describe any person with whom our soul is connected on a deeper level. you can use this word to talk about a friend, a family member or any other person with whom you share a close and a deep intimacy.

So, look at the details given below and identify the types of soulmates around you. They might have been in your life may be for a very little time or might be with you even now. Most of the times, the duration that they stay will depend on the need you are having. So, have a look!

1. Companion soulmate

This is the soulmate that we traditionally believe to be our ‘soulmate’. He/she is the true love of your life and the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. They will love you for who you are and will always be with you in all your joys and sorrows.

2. Soul family soulmates

Sometimes, you might have come across with people whom are not technically your family, but whom you always felt like your own. They can be the people whom you associate as your own siblings or your own parents or they can actually be your biological family as well. So, in this category, we identify the people who are too much close to you as a family to be your family soulmates.

3. Confidant soulmates

These are the real friends that we are having. You need soul friends in life because they always help you to move forward and help you to withstand all the pressures that come on your way. You will always confide in them and they will keep your secrets while helping you to win the obstacles in your path.

4. Momentary soulmates

In a moment where you have been totally broken up and desperately in need of a help, have you ever been assisted by a total stranger? Well, if you say yes, you will know of whom I am talking about. These are the most random strangers that you meet out of nowhere but have offered the best advice or help in your life and although they might have moved away from your life too quickly, you will always remember them with gratitude.

5. Karmic soulmates

Depending on the karma you are having, you can have a karmic soulmate who will influence you in both positive and negative ways. They come into your life to teach you a lesson and things will be much easier for you if you learn what this soulmate is teaching you.

6. Teacher soulmate

These are the type of people who pick you up when you are in the lowest place possible and help you to stand up again. They will get you on the path and will leave disappear in the same way as they came abruptly.

7. Passionate soulmate

These are the lovers that we truly care and love but for some reason or the other had to move away. Even though all the things happened in the exact right way, you might have separated from that one for some reason and most of the times the reason that you exactly had to be separated can be the wrong timing.