4 Reasons to Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

By: Anuradha

We all have heard the famous quote ‘money can’t buy you happiness’.

It can absolutely true but when thinking about the modern world context, we can see that money can bring us happiness in many ways. The world that we are living is changing rapidly and many new products which are created by various technologies are introduced each hour. So, with all these happenings most human beings find it hard to be satisfied with what we have and when you are not satisfied with what you have, you often get disappointed. You will go after so many things to quench your disappointments, but no matter how many things you buy or how hard you try, your happiness will eventually wear off with time.

But, there is something that will not wear off with time and worthy to spend. It is the experiences that you take. When you first think of a vacation, you may feel like it’s a waste of money for a few days. But just think whether you will speak of an expensive phone that you buy now even after five years or so? you may say no. Yet, you will always speak about the experiences that you had on that vacation even after five years and that’s why experiences are worthier than possessions.

1. Nature can be the best experience

You don’t need thousands of money to have a good vacation filled with experiences. Just take a break from your busy schedule and go and sit in the park or near a body of water. Close your eyes and enjoy the breeze. Listen to the sounds around you and relax. Observe nature and your surroundings. You will change your perspective about the life in a wonderful way and you will never buy this sort of a relaxation even when you spend thousands of dollars for a spa.

2. You will talk about trips for years to come

Most of the things that you buy, which are really fashionable and worth the price at the moment will be outdated with time and you will no longer enjoy them with the same intensity. In fact, you will try to despise them and will move for new options. But the experiences that you get in a trip that you had with your friends, family or your loved ones will always be there in your memory and you will speak of them even in the years to come.

3. Money isn’t such a burden when you are happy

We will price the things that we buy but we can never price an experience that we got. Those things will never get old or outdated and you will always have something to speak of them. so, even if you went on a hike with some friends, it would be worth a thousand times than the latest gadget that you take and that is why we say money can’t buy your happiness.

4. Experiences are meaningful to you

Sometimes, you might be saving money at the moment thinking they will be wasted when you are retired. But when you are finally retired, you will feel that the money you saved is of no use as you have limited wants and needs at that age. You will no longer be keen about fashionable dresses or you will not need to spend on your kids anymore and the money that you saved will be of least value to you. so, try to enjoy the life when you have the ability to enjoy it. Take a big vacation along with your family once in a while and I’m sure that you will never regret it.      

You may think that you are happy when you spend less money. But the truth is that money will not buy your happiness and you have to create your own!