6 Phrases Narcissists and Sociopaths Use to Make You Feel Crazy

By: Anuradha

We always come across different people in different phases of our life. Sometimes, they will remain forever in our life or sometimes, those acquaintances can be very temporarily. However, one thing that is common in all these different relationships is that all these people are having at least a little impact on our lives and that is why we need to be very much selective about the people that we associate.

Among all these people, if you happened to be influenced by a Narcissist or a psychopath, your life can be changed to a whole new dimension that you have never thought before because they are the people who are toxic and they will change your life in whatever the way they want.

They will use you to fulfill their desires and if you do not have the power to stay away from such relationships, you can surely be a victim of them. so, we thought of making you enlightened about some common phrases that are used by these people to change your ideas and if you watch for these, you will be able to catch their real face, even though they appear to be so good and friendly.

So, look at these and always try not to be influenced by these sorts of highly toxic people.

1. “You are just…”

Well, the blank can be anything like “Enamoured with me, jealous, crazy, bipolar” or whatever. They will use all the sweet names and words in the word to win your heart in the first phase of your relationship, but with time they will use anything to destruct your self-worth and make you feel insecure about your own self. They need to bring you down because they know that you will stick to them only when you feel insecure and not confident about yourself.

2. “You just didn’t understand me”.

Something that Sociopaths and Narcissists are always doing is “gaslighting”. They do a fault but then they appear as if they are not aware of it and make the person who accused them feel guilty for accusing them like that ‘without any reason’. So, even if you feel bad about the things that he/she does, you will not try to talk about them because you know that at the end you will be the one who made the fault.

They will say things like this to say they are innocent but you should know it is not actually the real face.

3. “Stop being so sensitive”.

When narcissist does something to hurt you and when you are open about it, they will just label it as ‘being sensitive’ and without apologizing for what they did, they will only ask you to stop being sensitive. This is another excuse made by them to keep you hooked on them.

4. “Stop being dramatic”.

They will always accuse you of being dramatic when you are confident and open about your feelings. They will not give you any space to voice what you feel and they know that if you were given a chance to be independent, then you will surely go away from them. so, most of the times, you will ignore your emotions and you will learn to become dumb.

5. “You are reading too much into this”.

They will never give you a chance to question the oddities of your relationship with that person because you are supposed to be impersonal and they don’t give a damn about what you feel about the things he/she does, so, you will be treated with these sorts of phrases when you try to question them.

6. “You would never survive without me”.

They don’t need a healthy relationship with you. They only need a control over you and they will do anything to make you feel negative and keep you succumbed to their views. They will always tell you that you can’t survive without them because they need you to implant that idea on your head so that you will not try to move away even when you feel that something is not right in your relationship with that person.