20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50

By: Anuradha

Life is too short to regret. You will enjoy it more when you make the right decision at the right time, but making the right decision at the right time is not something easy. We talked with 50+ people about the things they wished had done in their younger years and based on their replies, we compiled this list which will be helpful for you to rearrange your life if you are in your 30s, so that you will not regret like them in your future.

1. Don’t smoke. If you have started, stop immediately.

Smoking is something which is not good for people’s health and you will realize its consequences only when you are in the latter part of your life and then you can be too late. Mr. Cyndi Perlman Fink who is reading us said that “If you could see me now, I’m done on my poor, crackling knees begging you to at least consider stopping smoking”. You will only waste your money and will get so many health issues by smoking at your 30s.

2. Stop eating crap.

We all have used to eat all the junk foods in the world with our fast-moving life patterns and even though it is easy to eat something like that for your hunger now, you will surely regret it when you are after 50 and that’s why it is important to stop eating crap. Sireesha Chilakamari writes that “You can make a lot of money in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…..90s to buy the whole world we are at the age 50 or beyond. But you cannot buy your health. Give up on fast food right now at age 30”.

3. Maintain relationships with parents and siblings.

Robert Walker writes that “Chances are you have come across ideas and changed in ways that mean you don’t see eye to eye with them on many issues. But then- that’s part of what a family can help with – to learn to get along with people you don’t agree with on many issues”.

4. Stop going out in the sun without sunblock.

Cyndi Perlman says that “I was stupid. I didn’t listen. Do you want wrinkles and think skin from sun damage like I have and do you want bruises from just lightly touching the side of a box and having your skin peel off?  Go ahead, enjoy lying in the sun without sunblock.”

5. Exercise regularly.

Cyndi Perlman writes that “Don’t get weight. Exercise. Keep your weight at a normal level that’s good for your body. weight does all kinds of bad things for your body. I have been fat, I have been thin, thin is healthier”.

6. Start saving money. Even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Cliff Gilley writes that “Save money, I know this is a boring, trite and unsexy suggestion, but it’s true. In your 30s, the average person has a lot of disposable income, some of which can almost always easily be set aside for use later in life. Plus, building the habit of saving early means you will continue it further down the line”.

7. Learn to be content with what you have.

Robert Walker writes that “Happiness is what matters far more than worldly success. If you are content with what you have then you may be a bit less likely to end up a millionaire, but you will have a happier life. And if you do become a wealthy person- is no reason why not, you will be a more happy, fulfilled and productive wealthy person”.

8. Don’t delay pursuing your life goals.

Bill Karwin writes that “Want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? Get a second degree or an advanced degree? Change your career? Learn to play a new musical instrument? Learn to cook gourmet meals” try scuba diving? Then start today. it is easy to put things off”.

9. Get some sleep.

Nan Waldman writes that “Use stellar sleep hygiene. A dark room or sleep shades will block out the light. No bright screens before bedtime. Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time”.

10. Take care of your teeth.

Carolina Zelonka says “Go to freaking dentist already. Get your cavities fixed as they came up. Unlike many body health issues, dental problems only get worse – and things like crowns and implants are uncomfortable, time-consuming and expensive. If you have a good savings and income stream, the bills won’t be the painful thing- but there’s no getting around the pain and the time suck”.

11. Collect memories instead of things.

Richard Careaga says “you are the sum of your experience. Don’t wake up when you are 50 and realize that you have wasted life gathering possessions. Memories won’t depreciate and can’t be burned in a fire”.

12. Give something back.

Nan Waldman says “Give to others so you feel the goodness that service brings. However, you give, do it with your full heart, soul, and effort. Expect nothing in return”.

13. Be curious and do one thing that scares you every day.

Mary Leek writes that “Get out of the house and have an honest-to-God adventure right now. Make it as big as you can possibly manage, take lots of pictures, throw caution to the wind, take on the risk, grab the brass ring”.

11. Read at least 10books a year.

Vanitha Muthukumar writes “Gee I wish I spent more time watching TV and playing video.  Your brain never stops growing, so exercise it with the media that matters”.

15. Travel. As much as possible whenever you can.

Jeff Goins says “traveling will change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you”.

16. Learn to meditate.

Rens De Nobel writes that “The list of benefits is endless, it only costs you a small amount of time a day, the change in your life and the people you love will be amazing”.

17. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Satish Kumar Grandhi says that “Trust me, the day your body starts to show the signs of wear and tear, you no longer see any fun in partying or trying to impress people around you. You need to start your path of self-discovery right now to become stronger by the time you are 50”.

18. Keep a journal.

Mark Crawley writes that “You will forget more of the precious memories that you will remember. Your written records will entertain and endear in your future. Your computer should make this archiving all the easier to implement and retain”.

19. Become a homeowner.

Liz Read says “Buy a house, it will be nearly paid for by the time you are 50”.

20. Take care of your friends.

Nan Waldman says “Choose people who make you feel like you already are your best self, who challenge you by their example and who you genuinely enjoy”.