30 Ridiculous Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses That Show How Much Time Has Changed

By Anuradha.

There can hardly be any girl who has not dreamt about her wedding day. Being the most beautiful bride with the perfect wedding ceremony is more like a goal to achieve than a mere dream. However, apart from the concerns and worries about the bride’s dress, her make-up, and other basic factors, the selection of the bridesmaid is also of utmost importance. 

It is generally believed that bridesmaids should never outshine the bride. However, there are some brides who take this idea too seriously to their heads. They would dress their bridesmaids in the most hilarious way possible and even though the bride would look gorgeous, compared to her bridesmaids look totally a mess!

So, if you are someone who is looking for some bridesmaid ideas for your big day, the following are some designs that we do not really recommend! But of course, if you need to give it a twist and make your wedding an exception, then here are some bright ideas for you. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these outfits can also be the trend of the time. so, scroll down to see some unique designs and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

#1. The rainbow maids. (teamzebra)

#2. This should be a summer wedding!

#3. Is this a wedding or a carol? (Alex)

#4. This is truly scary! (Minnesota historical society)

#5. Ladies in flowers! (AwkwardFamilyPhotos)

#6. Add some color to your wedding too!

#7. The bride has no competition here!

#8. The peach wedding. (Hulton Archives/Getty)

#9. The Frock! (youngblooms)

#10. A good design for a nice curtain! (vintag)

#11. Hope the wedding was happier than how the bride looks now!

#12. Such a dress! (Jael Paris)

#13. A good idea for a night dress! (Scott Jennings)

#14. The ladies in ocean blue. (Vintage Brides)

#15. The goldies.

#16. The guy’s hair! (Upper Hutt City Library)

#17. Is this a ballet? (Awkward Family Photos)

#18. The crimson ladies! (AwkwardFamilyPhotos)

#19. Floral designs.

#20. These are not the friends of the Santa, I hope! (weird5)

#21. A true nature lover’s wedding. (yerema)

#22. The dresses would look outstanding if the hairdressing was different! (vintag)

#23. The fashion of our mom’s days. (jcapaldi)

#24. They love floral designs back then it seems! (bulldog2)

#25. May the sun shine bright like these dresses!

#26. This is glowing! (jilly~bean)

#27. Look how pretty they are!

#28. Their faces! (vintag)

#29. Ladies love flowers! (Stephanie Abney)

#30. Tell me this is not a design for a wallpaper!